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The Antonov An-26 is the transport and cargo version of the very similar An-24 passenger airplane. The two most important distinctions between the two aircraft are the rear loading ramp and the fewer cabin windows of the Antonov 26.

The An-26 serves at the same time as medium sized military transport. In addition to carrying cargo, it is equiped with side benches to accommodate troups or parachuters.

In recent years, the An-26 has become quite popular for work with relief organizations and freight forwarders in Africa and Latin America. Thanks to the rear loading ramp, the An-26 can operated without much ground support. Its main rival for this kind of operations is a member of the own family, the An-32. The latter is similar in size and layout, but equiped with stronger engines.

MTOW 24'000 kg
Max. Payload 5'500 kg
Max. Range 1'000 nm incl. IFR reserve
Cargo Door /Ramp/ 2.30 m x 1.70 m
Cargo Volume 44 m3
Cabin Dimensions L x W x H
10.60 x 2.30 x 1.70 m

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